Belly to Baby Sessions!

Are you thinking about a maternity session to compliment your newborn photos? Look at these gorgeous Mums-to-be (and Dads!) who have all had their beautiful baby bump captured in their Belly to Baby Session! Stunning! Basically all of these dresses are available for you to wear free of charge!

Babies Babies Babies!

Oh my goodness I have had the most gorgeous babies in the studio and have not blogged anything for so long! So here is a snapshot of some of the babes I’ve been lucky enough to photograph and cuddle recently!

Milk Bath Maternity

I've had this vision for quite some time to do a milk bath session, and my gorgeous client was so excited to do this as well, so once her bump was ready at 34 weeks, we did it! I bought the lace dress specifically for this, (so it is available to use in your very own session), the softness of the lace paired with the milk bath and beautiful flowers and soft greens just made the whole session!

The newborn haze

As a photographer I get to meet new parents all the time, and I photograph this gorgeous new little bundle so that the tiny window of time that is the newborn stage is captured and can be looked back on forever.

When I visit the new parents to deliver their prints, they open the door and sometimes they are fully dressed and feeling amazing. Other times, the door is opened and in front of me is a half dressed parent, who hasn't slept for the last couple of weeks, on the verge of tears because they are just so exhausted, and that is totally OK. It is OK to be exhausted, it's OK to feel like you just want to cry because being a parent is hard!

Some days and weeks are way harder than you ever imagined, but one day when this newborn stage is long forgotten, you suddenly wake up and they are 9, 6 and 4, and your brain looks at the wall with your newborn prints and you think, "Wow, they were so tiny, where did that time go?" Those early days are such a haze so your newborn photos are your reminder of just how small they were, how amazing you were to create this tiny human, and how far you have come. You are grateful that the memories of their early days are on your wall for you to see.

Parenting always has it's challenges, but when your youngest looks at you and says "Mummy, I love you to outer space, even ALL the way to Queensland" (4yr olds don't have a great concept of distance but you get that he means a lot!), the early days that were hard, and you never thought you would see the light at the end of the tunnel ever again are long forgotten.

I have written all of this, because today I saw a Mum unshowered and completely exhausted (and I know there are plenty more out there feeling the same), who is having a tough time, hasn't slept and can't even get to the shower, and I want to say to you, remember that you are amazing, there will be a time where you will look back and think "Gosh those days were so hard but looks at us now!" and I am thankful that I have been the Photographer to give you those precious sweet memories of just how small your newborn was, so when the haze is gone and the sleep has returned, you can look at the wall and smile.

Love to all the Mum's on International Women's Day xx


Belly to Baby Session

This beautiful little family booked in for a combined Maternity and Newborn session, also known as a Belly to Baby Session and all I can say is WOW!

This Mum to Be was 34 weeks at her Maternity session, it rained all afternoon on and off and it was down to half an hour before the session that we decided to go ahead! I am so glad we did, the light was stunning!

Little Austin arrived a couple of days early for his parents, he couldn't wait to meet them! At his session he was 12 days old, and his Mum featured some traditional Aboriginal face paint on him, he is a Wongaibon baby born on Ngunnawal land.


Professionally Printed Photos

Did you know? I print your photos for you and I deliver them to your door! Today I had some very excited families as I delivered their print orders. Part of my service to you, is not only to take your family portraits, but to make sure that you get the best quality print to put on your wall! They come ready to frame too, so I make it as easy as I can for you! Don't let a USB sit in the drawer doing nothing, get those prints of your gorgeous family up for everyone to see. It also gives your children a sense of belonging, they can see themselves on the wall, and know that they are a special part of your family. My children have always loved seeing their photos up! Thanks to my 8yr old for the phone pic!

Beary cute!

This gorgeous little bundle was so amazing for her session! Funny story with this little one, her Mum booked me a few months ago, and then when bub arrived a little earlier than expected her new Aunt found me online and also booked her in! I was able to connect the dots to work out they were talking about the same baby so we had a good laugh at the fact they clearly both had the same taste! 

The bear shot is a composite image, the baby is being held by a parent at all times and the photo has been edited to look this way ** Please do not try this pose if you have not been trained to do so, baby safety is the number 1 priority in a session**

Combined Maternity and Newborn Session!

I first met this beautiful Mum to Be and her partner for their Maternity session. Bub was due on Christmas Eve but decided to arrive just over 2 weeks early so she had her newborn session before she was actually even due! I have total hair envy!

I photographed a Wedding guys!!

Yesterday was the most beautiful day out at The Old Stone House Bungendore! Thank you to Natalie and Michael for trusting me with their special day! I have assisted on Weddings before, but this was my first solo one and my first one for my business! Almost everything was sourced locally from Bungendore by the couple, which is great to shop local!

2017 Christmas Sessions!

I had so much fun with this years Christmas Sessions! I had a lot of old and new faces in the studio! Some of the sessions below:

That evening light!

I'm so lucky that every year I get to photograph these gorgeous girls for their family portrait! This year we found the most amazing tree covered in beautiful white flowers, and with the evening light it looked like a fairytale! Thank you girls for being exactly who you are, you are just gorgeous!


Cheeky Chops!

I first photographed this gorgeous family when little Miss W was a newborn, how time flies because suddenly she's 2 and it was time for more family photos! We had a fun afternoon in the blossoms and Canberra sunshine today!


Down Syndrome Awareness Sessions

I am so privileged to be a part of an Australia-wide project that is being organised for Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October. I, along with many other photographers in Australia volunteered our time and skills to give these amazing families some precious images of their children. I had an amazing time photographing these gorgeous little souls and I can't wait to see the final project come together!


Spring has Sprung in Canberra!

I just love the blossoms around at the moment, it's the signal of warmer weather and sunshine on the way! Of course next week is cold and miserable again but for now let's enjoy the weekend sun! Canberra winter seems so long, so to see the sunshine and the blossoms lifts the spirits! Today I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family with the beautiful pink blossoms!


Rainbow Baby Canberra

This gorgeous little girl is a Rainbow Baby. For those of you who don't know, a Rainbow Baby is a child born after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or as an infant. A beautiful Rainbow appears after the storm, and this little one's family have been through so much, and to photograph her in this symbolic way was my absolute honour.


I love when clients come back for new additions!

I photographed this beautiful family not long after I started my photography business and it was so lovely to see them again for their next addition to their family with Baby M! At 2 weeks old she was just so gorgeous and have a look at that hair - we definitely found her perfect colour with the green, but Oh My, look at the "beary" cute pink setup!

Baby P - she did not win the sleep battle!!

This gorgeous girl was just over 4 weeks old for her session, and whilst that's a little older than I normally would photograph for a newborn portrait session, I used all of my baby whispering skills on her and she did not win the sleep battle! Her beautiful family drove from Cooma to Canberra to have her photographed and I can't wait to show them all of their photos!

Miss I - 3 weeks old

At 3 weeks old, Miss I absolutely rocked her newborn session sleeping the whole time! She had the most gorgeous little face with the longest eyelashes and cute little dimples when she smiled!